a focus on the value of untapped innovation in the future of beauty.
Veteran agents Marissa Alfe and Jeanna Bonello founded Greyscale, a new agency, in 2017 after seeing a void in the market for services partnering high-level artistic aesthetic with digital expertise.
representing today’s most in-demand talent in beauty and lifestyle.
Our trendsetting artists not only create one-of-a-kind looks on their A-list clients, they leave their mark on how brands align in the socially driven landscape of today’s beauty space.
a no limits attitude.
We will create partnerships, custom collaborations, exclusive content, creative education and celebrity alignment in chic and unique ways.
confidence plus ability.
We help clients navigate the social networking space while preserving the artist’s motivation and approach.
looking to what the future has to offer.
With passion for out-of-the-box methods, we will create exclusive connections with clients by providing inventive ideas with an exclusive marketing edge.