Amra Olević Reyes
Amra Olević Reyes

Influencers are made up of a sum of their followers, likes, and engagement, but a successful influencer is more than a formula: it’s the ability to cultivate and foster an authentic relationship with millions of people rooted in trust and admiration while simultaneously leveraging that loyal following into promotion and product placement. Amra Olević epitomizes that genuine authenticity. A trailblazer, Amra has always been a natural influencer. Having started her beauty career at Sephora in 2010 and later at Mac Cosmetics, customers were drawn to her charisma and stunning makeup, always asking for her favorite recommendations. She later began posting her makeup looks and beauty favorites on Instagram in August 2011 when the social media app was just a baby. As a true innovator, Amra was one of the first beauty influencers to catapult herself into Instagram fame and monetize her platform. She posts daily to her 5.7 million fans; always engaging and interacting with her base. She currently resides in New York with her husband.

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