Lora arellano
Celebrity Makeup Artist
Lora Arellano

Makeup artist Lora Arellano proves that hard work pays off and dreams really do come true! With over an astounding 1 million+ followers, Lora recently made the list of “Top 10 Makeup Artist to follow on Instagram”. Her passion for beauty is electric, and has gained her a loyal following across all of her social platforms. Lora’s fans consist of top makeup artists and consumers who are drawn to her dramatic transformations using her face as the canvas. When Lora’s is not busy creating content, she is working with her clients Iggy Azalea, Serena Williams, and Rihanna.  Just two years ago, Lora teamed up with her friend Dana Bomar and created the bestselling lipstick line, Melt Cosmetics. Lora is driven to inspire all women to have fun with makeup and always try new things.

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Behind The Lens
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